Feels like 1000 days at home with the kids


Dear parents,

We are also at home with our children and consider what is fun and what can be done with small and bigger children at Easter.
We came up with the idea to make paper balls, small Easter bowls and cardboard.

What do you need:
only a bucket or bowl, newspaper, balloons, small ceramic bowls as a template, waterproof base
Irritate the newspapers into small pieces and soak in water

Fill a balloon with the small newspaper snippets (if necessary, touch up later with handicraft glue) - can also be done completely without glue

Soak the remaining newspapers for 1-3 days and stir again and again. Our 4 year olds liked this very much.

Afterwards a kind of porridge is made: since this is very liquid, it is best to use a base, then spread out newspapers and spread the porridge with a large spoon

The porridge is like plasticine or dough and can be shaped: We tried large areas first and then we formed Easter eggs.

Press this area with other newspapers (it is best to press it with your hands), because there is still a lot of liquid, and put it under a heater

When the cardboard has dried a little, it is best to carefully peel it off the newspaper and press it in a large book

Ready is the cardboard that can be painted (there is always a rough and a fine side: the fine one is ideal for painting - we recommend wax crayons)