About us

We at Alizon are four-time working parents with damn little time, love for style and beautiful things, a manageable family budget and little desire for cheap consumption, toxins, packaging waste and China plastic.

We find that good recommendations from friends make life easier and better. And so we have started to bring together products we are excited about. This soon became a matter of the heart and the idea of creating a marketplace that would make it very easy for everyone to integrate an ecological self-image into everyday life. 

At Alizon, we share products that we are excited about - products that we use ourselves or products that have been recommended by friends (Product Finder). We are always looking for new ideas and impulses on how we can all be a little more considerate with our planet in everyday life and we will find unique and original findings from regional artists and manufacturers for you, which you can only order online from us (stories and finds).

You know something we should publish? Send us your recommendation so that others can also benefit from it.

Luis Höfer

Anne Kathrin Weber

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