Index of companies producing sustainable, ecological and fair products.

Producer of sustainable shoes made of organic materials. Allbirds invented SweetFoam, a material made of sugar cane for shoe soles.

Organic and fair fashion.

Emil produces practical suitability, environmentally friendly bootles with a priority on harmless materials and waste avoidance. Production exclusively in Europe.

Sustainable and fair produced fashion and textiles.

Manufacturer of phones made of mostly fairly produced resources.

Taschen, Rucksäcke und Accessoires aus recycletem Feuerwehrschlauch.

Producer of the worlds first backpack made of recycled ocean plastic.

Producer of ecological and sustainable pet supplies.

Producer of glass straw as sustainable alternative to plastic straws. Founded by Hannah Chennay and Sebastian Müller after organizing a Beach Clean-Up in Thailand in 2015.

Ecological online shop selling sustainable products from small manufacturers all over Germany.

Producer of of sustainable hot-water bottles.

Manufacturer of wooden watches for women and men.

Offers all kinds of long lasting, ecofriendly mason jars with a focus on sustainability.

Producer of natural bamboo and ceramic tableware.

Manufacturer of natural shoes, aiming for a 100% ecological production. Their collection of cotton shoes is made only 'by pressure and heat' .

Austrian producer of ecological detergents and similar products. The packacking (95%) is made of ecological or recycled plastics. The company is actively testing filling stations for its detergents with the austrian branch of the dm drugstore chain.

Online shop selling plastic free groceries and other goods.